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Photobook Leather

Size does matter! Yes, this is a perfect album if you prefer big formats and a lot of pages to place all your favourite moments… This luxury book is a great choice for modern traditionalists who appreciate fine covers to save precious memories. You can choose between 3 quality papers and the cover can be made from any material in Fravero offer – including vegan leather. Fravero’s patented bookbinding technique with BIO resin guarantees the longevity and durability of the binding that will last for years.

Felix Schoeller lustre // 190 g/m²-260 g/m²

Felix Schoeller matte // 190 g/m²-260 g/m²

Fine Art (extra rough structure) // 150 g/m²

A4 (6413 x 2551 px, 300 dpi; 543mm x 216mm)

A3 (9213 x 3626 px, 300 dpi; 780mm x 307mm)

All materials

Window cover

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