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Photographers capture some of the best moments in life! Placing them in a photobook shares your unique story, so print your emotions and keep them safe… Photobook is a more casual way of presenting your photographs with endless personalization of every book. Modern design, high print resolution and long-lasting and firm binding. You can choose between 2 classical colours and 3 sizes.

Felix Schoeller lustre // 190 g/m²-260 g/m²

Felix Schoeller matte // 190 g/m²-260 g/m²

Fine Art (extra rough structure) // 150 g/m²

Pearl white


A5 (4677 x 1831 px, 300 dpi; 396mm x 155mm)

A4 (6780 x 2551 px, 300 dpi; 574mm x 216mm)

A3 (9685 x 3579 px, 300 dpi; 820mm x 303mm)